Vistoron / KAKU P-MODEL


Thursday 07 October, 2004.
  • Original Album
  • CHTE-0030

Beware of imitations.
This is NOT P-MODEL.
This is the first album of KAKU P-MODEL!

P-MODEL kept acting their performance as a large-scale human experimentation which related Ashu-on, a mysterious material (or a living thing?). And they opened their experiment report that lasted 20 years in the released album "Ashu-on (Sound Subspecies) in the Solar System". Then they quietly shifted into "Cultivation period".

One day in 2004, a mutation happened before re-formation of P-MODEL. And an active activity pattern was suddenly caused in the centre part of Ashu-on's core which had been observed in cultivation incubator based on "Living thing theory".
Hirasawa who found a WILL in the obstinately repeated patterns named KAKU P-MODEL for its activity. Then he gave himself over to translate the patterns.

Thus, translation archive VISTORON of KAKU P-MODEL was born here. (KAKU is Japanese that means core.)

01. Dual Perspective 3
02. Big Brother
03. Anti-vistoron
04. Adore me, I am TV
05. Cruise Psyclaon
06. Darkness pi duai
07. Para-Uniphs
08. Space hook
09. Vistoron
10. Antimonesia

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