The 6th Formant


Thursday 21 December, 2017.
  • WC-00053

All six tracks of digital album which combined readings and music written by Susumu Hirasawa.

The texts read in the songs comes from the booklet of HALDYN DOME, the boxed set CD. Those short texts are associated with the story of HALDYN DOME.
As for The Bellows Man, it is from the same titled essay of GHOST NOTES in the newsletter of the fan club.
The introduction of each song starts with a reading by Hirasawa and with background music. Enjoy this new attempt by Hirasawa.

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1:ハルディン・ホテル / Haldyn Hotel
(from PHONON 2555, double processed vocal, studio recorded guitar solo)
2:コヨーテ / Coyote
(new recording by new arrangement)
3:死のない男 / Immortal man
(from PHONON 2550, partial edited, studio recorded guitar solo etc. )
4:舵をとれ / Take the Wheel
(semi-new recording, studio edited guitar solo, studio recorded chorus)
5:電光浴-再起動 / Electric Light Bathing - Reboot
(new recording)
6:ふいご吹きの男 / The Bellows Man
(BGM: Antimonesia)

This digital album will be provided as a ZIP file contains 6 MP3 files (320kbps) and a PDF file (includes outtake photos from HALDYN DOME).
Please confirm that your device can download and extract ZIP file.

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