07: Limbo-54 CATASTROPHE


  • WC-00037

Nano-duplication memorials
These mp3 releases are mementos from the accomplishment of "nano-duplication" which was the final goal at the April to May, 2003 Interactive Live Show LIMBO-54. Included are newly arranged versions (different from the versions on the album BLUE LIMBO) and exclusive background music created specifically for the show.

07: Limbo-54 CATASTROPHE - 128Kbps MP3

The bad ending theme music for the Interactive Live Show in 2003.

If you purchase all 8 tracks, you will be able to download bonus ZIP file, which contains two traks used at the break points of the show. You need Bonus Password to decompress the bonus ZIP file. Pieces of 'Bonus Password' will be displayed with the password at each track. Please save these pieces.
Bonus Password will be completed by arranging the pieces in sequence from 1 to 8.

Download bonus zip file from here.

All Song Package here.

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