Planet Roll Call / Susumu Hirasawa


Wednesday 18 February, 2009.
  • Original Album
  • CHTE-0046

Hirasawa's original 11th album is coming after an interval of three years. A new departure of Hirasawa sound that arose from unprecedented conception and technique. The marvellous concept album just like a soundtrack of fabricated Sci-Fi film.
Where does "Astro-Ho" really return?
And what is "Planet Roll Call" really?

01: Hard Landing
02: Planet Roll Call
03: Night Walking Wearing the Human Body
04: Mirror Gate
05: Royal Road, Paradise
06: Initial Value of Midair
07: The Great Deceiver of Saint Horseshoe Planet
08: Visible Sea
09: Phonon Belt
10: Astro-Ho! Homing

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