The Method of the Live 2: The Magic for introduction


Wednesday 21 May, 2014.
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  • CHTE-0074

The collection of Debayashi (music played at performer's appearance) and the opening song following the Debayashi, from the concerts of Susumu Hirasawa and Kaku P-MODEL including virtual concerts as well.

01: Adore me, I am TV (Parallel Kozak ver.)
02: Stomy Sea (PHONON2550 Ver.)
03: Big Brother (Parallel Kozak ver. *Virtual Live)
04: Solid Air (PHONON2553 Ver.)
05: Gardener KING (PHONON2555 ver. *Virtual Live)
06: Dual Perspective 3.4 (Tokyo Vistron ver.)
07: Solar Ray 2 (Sorlar Live ver.)
08: Sim City (NOMONOS and IMIUM ver.

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