MILLENNIUM ACTRESS original sound track / Susumu Hirasawa


Friday 06 September, 2002.
  • Sound Tracks
  • CHTE-0022

A sound track for an animation film which got various awards in the worldwide film festivals.
For Chiyoko's twisted and twisted story, it is very dramatically recomposed the album 'Philosopher's Propeller'.
Includes a Short movie (MPEG-1 file) section by Masaru Owaku, a CG artist. Sleeve and label arts by Satoshi Kon the director of film, and Takeshi Honda the character designer.

01. Lotus Gate(Landscape-1)
02. Chiyoko's Theme MODE-1
03. Gate of Wish
04. Circle in Circle (Kun Mae #3)
05. Chiyoko's Theme MODE-2
06. Winds in Tandem
07. The Guy who gave her the Key
08. Log out (Kun Mae #1)
09. Chiyoko's Theme MODE-3
10. Run
11. Actress in time layers
12. Rotation (LOTUS-2)  Lyrics

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