Kenja no Propeller (Philosopher's Propeller) / Susumu Hirasawa


Friday 06 October, 2000.
  • Original Album
  • CHTE-0001

The 8th album. Manipulating from symphony to techno & ethnic music, Hirasawa gives us great sounds such as Digital Alchemy! With his 'Golden sound' and 'Golden voice', this album is worthy to be called a true expert music.

01. Philosopher's Propeller-1 sample
02. Rubedo
03. Nigredo
04. Albedo
05. Quadratur des ZIirkels sample
06. The Garden where the Solutions are found sample
07. An Expert Mountain
08. Opus
09. Rotation (LOTUS-2)  Lyrics
10. Philosopher's Propeller-2

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